Click on the cover image to read the full report

Click on the cover image to read the full report

Chevron, one of California’s most profitable companies, and one of the world’s largest oil companies, pollutes California’s air and corrupts the State’s political process by spending hordes of cash to get what it wants from politicians.

Chevron works hard to stop or blunt efforts by Californians to take important proactive steps to stop climate change and to create a fairer, more robust economy that works for all.

This report aims to educate Californians about the growing influence that Chevron, and its friends in the oil industry, have in our state and what is at stake.

As public awareness grows, state and local politicians should think twice about the public perception and risks of accepting Chevron’s toxic campaign contributions. 


  • Chevron and its affiliates are the top corporate climate polluters in California, with Chevron-branded facilities responsible for more emissions in 2015 than Shell and Exxon Mobil-branded facilities combined.
  • „Chevron sells more than 20% of all California gas and has more than 25% of the total refinery capacity in the state. Chevron’s California refineries and oil production generate more than a billion dollars in revenue each year, but appear to contribute very little in state tax revenues.
  • Chevron has a global record of aggressive tax avoidance and California is no exception. Chevron paid no US income taxes in 2015 and had a company-wide effective tax rate of just 3%, a small fraction of the average income tax rate for individuals or the corporate income tax rate of 35%.
  • „Chevron is one of the largest corporate spenders on politics and lobbying in California. Since January 2009, the company has spent more than $37 million on contributions to candidates and committees in California state races alone. It has spent an additional $24 million on lobbying in the state.
  • „Chevron appears to have systematically sought to control public opinion in Richmond, home to a massive Chevron refinery with a troubling safety record. Chevron has poured millions of dollars into local elections and runs a company- funded online news outlet, The Richmond Standard, that has been used to promote company PR and answer the company’s critics.



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