Battle on two fronts for Australia's gas industry

Brian Robins & Eryk Bagshaw
9 March 2017

Australians could shiver through cold winters under an east coast gas shortage, regulators have warned, while the government waits on a review that could spark a mining-tax style war with the gas industry ahead of the May federal budget.

The warning, by Australian Energy Markets Operator, comes as the gas industry faces a battle on two fronts, with a steep rise in gas prices to hit while the government review into its taxation is due to be handed down in April. 

"Domestic industry is facing a doubling or tripling of cost for gas, consumers are being gouged and we are giving Chevron free gas, something has to give, it is not tenable for the long term," said Jason Ward from the Tax Justice Network, who has campaigned for changes to the tax for the past year. 

"I don't think anyone in their right mind would say that is a fair deal."

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