ATO chief issues 'enough is enough' ultimatum to corporate tax dodgers

Stephen Dziedzic
10 February 2016

Australia's Commissioner of Taxation has flagged a crackdown on multinationals, saying the ATO has run out of patience with six large corporations which have been avoiding tax.

In his opening statement to a Senate estimates hearing, Chris Jordan rounded on companies he said had been deliberately "gaming the system" to doge their tax obligations.

He told the committee the ATO had moved six large corporations into its "high-risk" list, and written to another 60 companies demanding they get their houses in order.

"These companies have pushed the envelope of reasonableness — they play games, they string us along, they believe we can be stooged. However enough is enough — no more of this," he said.

Mr Jordan did not say which companies had been moved into the highest-risk category.

But, he cited recent legal victories against Chevron and Orica as evidence "the worm is turning" in favour of the ATO.

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