Finally, our politicians notice the potential multi-billion budget fix sitting off our coast

Heath Aston
30 November 2016

For all the biffo and bluster over backpackers, you'd think Australia's future hinged on a flip flop-led, campervan-powered economic recovery. The difference to Scott Morrison between a backpacker tax of 15 per cent or 10.5 per cent is $80 million - about 0.02 per cent of the budget.

Chicken feed.

At the same time, the political establishment has until now ignored a potential multi-billion budget fix quietly sitting off the coast in federal waters.

It was a dogged group of Tax Justice Network advocates - the same people who launched the corporate tax avoidance research that eventually resulted in the Coalition's diverted profit tax - who saw the scandal in the PRRT.

TJN spokesman Mark Zirnsak, strategist Anthony Reed and researcher Jason Ward drilled into frightening numbers that contributed to a series of stories acknowledged by shadow treasurer Chris Bowen on Wednesday as having precipitated political action this week.

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