Chevron is mired in controversy in Australia over its aggressive tax minimisation schemes. They have been subject to multiple Tax Office investigations and a major court case in 2015, which they lost.

Chevron’s tax practices, and those of other corporations, have huge implications for the living standards and the future of all Australians.

WATCH: ABC's 730 program investigates Chevron's tax rorts

This is a rort. This has always been a rort and it continues to be a rort. In Chevron, we have the godfather of Australian tax minimisation and, dare I say it, tax avoidance.
— Senator Sam Dastyari
Secretive oil company Chevron Corp has taken the art of tax avoidance to its ultimate form thanks to a scheme so aggressive that it goes beyond merely reducing exposure to income tax, but rather, has been designed to make a profit from the Australian Tax Office.
— Michael West, Sydney Morning Herald