Last year Chevron stashed another $10 billion in offshore tax havens, bringing their total to $45bn. 

Tax avoidance by multinational corporations costs governments around the world an estimated $172 billion in tax revenues - funds that should be spent on essential public services like schools, hospitals, and infrastructure. In Australia alone, an estimated $6 billion is lost every year, and Chevron is allegedly the worst.

Chevron already has a global reputation for social and environmental destruction. Here we shine a spotlight on its aggressive tax practices, as a case study of the ways in which multinational corporations evade their responsibilities and drive global inequality. 

When it comes to aggressive legal tactics, vindictiveness, threats, pollution, intimidation, tax evasion ... [Chevron] is in a league of its own.
— The Guardian

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Secretive oil company Chevron Corp has taken the art of tax avoidance to its ultimate form thanks to a scheme so aggressive that it goes beyond merely reducing exposure to income tax, but rather, has been designed to make a profit from the Australian Tax Office.
— Michael West, Business Columnist, Sydney Morning Herald